Our instructors are heartfelt and intuitive, gentle yet challenging. In our classes, we create a safe space that emphasises awareness and synchronicity of the breath so you can flow with more ease and grace while deepening your practice. Our shared wisdom and inspiration facilitate relaxation and introspection so you can experience ease.

Our energy healing therapies offer an alternative approach to enhancing your overall health and well-being by supporting and working with the body’s energy field. The experiences are gentle yet powerful treatments that work at the cellular level to clear, align and harmonize the body’s framework.

Our carefully crafted events are curated with you in mind.

A spot on your mat is ready, our instructors are here, the time is now

My Journey

Ten years ago, when I started yoga, my goal was to have a flexible body. I soon realized that my pursuit was helping me discover the value of a  flexible heart, mind, and soul. I was curious about God and how to live an authentic life.  My journey began.  As I grew my practice, I discovered the art of creating space for myself and others. I was learning how to worship my connection with my creator.  

I graduated as a Yoga Teacher and continued to study Yoga. While growing in my journey and diving deep into my soul through prayer and meditation, I envisioned myself having a studio where people can show up for themselves to heal with the power of love and share that with like-minded people.  In 2017, I became the founder and director of Coloured Soul Yoga & Wellness. A magical place was born.       

I continued to invest in my education and completed over 1000 hours of training. Then, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and I was terrified. However, once I allowed the fear to pass, I saw this as a blessing in my life. Rather than getting stuck in illness, I flowed with inspiration and confidence. I realized that my practice intuitively prepared me to connect with my body and soul.  All the unanswered questions of my life were resolving themselves through dynamic movement, stillness, and prayer.  Today, I embrace the grace that every day brings before me. I know God listens and that the body speaks, and as I move in the spaces in between, I am found.

Our Studio

A passion for offering experiences that encourage individuals to journey on a path of human healing and personal empowerment where miracle recoveries can happen is the seed that sprouted Coloured Soul Yoga & Wellness. It’s this love for one’s unique perfection that creates the true change that we aspire to offer in our space.  We are an intimate space for movement and wellness services. We foster healing through love, energy, and freedom sourced from a balanced body and spirit. We are about more than just movement, and our clients can connect with the grace within themselves and that of other unique coloured souls.

Your Journey

Embarking on your journey with us opens the door to discovery, creative expression, and empowerment. Our approach encourages a gentle path to grow in virtue and cultivate a flexible heart, mind, and soul. Our sensory experiences incorporate mindfulness, breath awareness, and movement.  Our passion rests in supporting you with embracing self-discovery, working through challenging emotions, and shaping joyful celebrations from possibilities and potential.  

We recognize that each soul has questions, anxieties, and complexities of life. Your journey with us allows you to own your experience and authentically define the changes you want to see in yourself and the world.