Pi Movement Mentors (new page that looks like the yoga page for the Pi Movement Method). Also add the book ‘Now Tab’ (using the same link) and this message On the page, add this message: Our Pi Movement Mentors are inspiring, engaging and deeply dedicated to meeting you exactly where you are. In our Pi Movement Method classes, our Pi Movement Mentors empower movers to embrace strength and confidence, regardless of your size, shape, season, or reason. Moving alongside our Pi Movement Mentors reinforces the belief that movement is not only for everybody but for EVERY BODY.

Amanda-Marie Quintino

Experience the transformative power of yoga with Fernanda, a dedicated instructor who cultivates grounding, energy flow, and liberation through dynamic movements and breathwork. In her inclusive classes, she creates a nurturing environment for personal growth, self-healing, and the discovery of inner light.

Erin Dunlop

Erin, a certified Pi Movement Mentor with a lifelong passion for dance, infuses her classes with Pilates fundamentals and playful energy. With a focus on technique and inclusivity, she creates a transformative experience that celebrates strength, confidence, and the joy of movement.

Olivia Battista

As a Pi Movement Mentor, Olivia champions movement accessibility for all. Her teaching style honors individual journeys, fostering growth and encouraging relentless pursuit of personal goals. Olivia’s classes offer a blend of curiosity, fun, and sweet challenges, illuminating the potential within every body.

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