Our instructors are heartfelt and intuitive, gentle yet challenging. In our classes, we create a safe space that emphasises awareness and synchronicity of the breath so you can flow with more ease and grace while deepening your practice. Our shared wisdom and inspiration facilitate relaxation and introspection so you can experience ease.

Loredana Bruno

Loredana will inspire you in a down-to-earth way that encourages you to find yourself within yourself.  She accentuates inner alignment via the expansion of organs, bones, and the breath. Her teaching style encourages an inward journey that promotes personal stability and comfort so you can be present with God, both in the still subtleties of her class experiences and the chaos of life.

Chris Hnain

Chris has a profound passion for yoga and is a compassionate, inspiring, and encouraging instructor.  He cultivates a yoga experience that promotes self-inquiry of your physical, mental, and emotional aspects so you can be free from self-judgment on and off the mat. When you practice with Chris, expect to experience supportive and enthusiastic guidance rooted in a range of expertise and talent.

Marla Vettese

Marla honors the limitless health benefits of movement through Yoga, Pilates, and Barre. Her drive and dedication empower clients to achieve optimal fitness through core strength, postural alignment, mobility, and mind-body awareness. Her passion, paired with her talent, makes Marla a perfect instructor for someone eager about fitness.  Do not be fooled by her playful personality and light demeanor; she will make you sweat!

Gemma Ivancic

Gemma is a heartfelt instructor deeply rooted in grounding, strength, and emancipation through Yoga, Meditation, and breathwork. Her compassionate approach ushers you into the body and heart through movement and breath.  Gemma trusts that Yoga is accessible to everyone, and her teaching style honors where each pose meets you on your mat. Her classes open the door for transformation and hold space for healing and igniting the light within.

Mila Ricardo Martinez

Mila believes yoga is accessible to everyone and shares her practice with a curious delight that invites students to be mindful of their bodies in a non-judgemental way.  Her classes are dynamic and playful, and her astute knowledge of anatomy and movement enables her to support you and your body structure, alignment, and performance.  She helps you open the door to exploring the beauty of self-regulating and self-healing exactly where you are.

Melissa Morris

Melissa loves sharing the joy of yoga with individuals of diverse levels of practice, and her light-heartedness and uplifting energy are contagious. She is deeply grounded in the art of alignment, muscular strengthening, and core connection. You can find Melissa teaching powerful and dynamic flows, as well as slow and mindful melts. Her teaching style is a gift to all, especially mothers-to-be and women living the hectic life of motherhood.

Karina Barsegiants

Karina’s movement practice is robust, with an emphasis on alignment and breath. She believes in the playful exploration of the body’s ranges of motion. Karina will challenge you to dive into building strength with accessibility to support and improve natural movement patterns. She offers a class experience that accentuates the posture needed in our everyday life.

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