Our instructors are heartfelt and intuitive, gentle yet challenging. In our classes, we create a safe space that emphasises awareness and synchronicity of the breath so you can flow with more ease and grace while deepening your practice. Our shared wisdom and inspiration facilitate relaxation and introspection so you can experience ease.

Alena Dervisevic

Alena’s compassionate approach, coupled with her expertise, fosters a harmonious journey on the mat. Her nourishing and inspiring classes lead participants to ‘find home’ and discover their true nature, nurturing seeds of love that bloom with compassion and connection.

Avinash Kokate

Embodying the essence of yoga and love, Avinash ignites the journey to self-discovery and empowerment through precise alignment. With an inclusive spirit, he opens the door to yoga’s transformative magic, empowering students to reach new heights of physical and spiritual potential.

Fernanda Aguilera

Experience the transformative power of yoga with Fernanda, a dedicated instructor who cultivates grounding, energy flow, and liberation through dynamic movements and breathwork. In her inclusive classes, she creates a nurturing environment for personal growth, self-healing, and the discovery of inner light.

Loredana Bruno

Embark on a transformative yoga journey with Loredana, an experienced educator seamlessly integrating Hatha Yoga, breathwork, and the awakening of inner wisdom. Through her simple yet profound teaching style, she cultivates space for joyful connections and personal growth, empowering students to embark on their own self-discovery journey.

Rachel Morandin

Rachel, a Yoga Instructor fueled by curiosity and reverence for yoga tradition, leads transformative classes, instilling confidence through movement. With boundless gratitude, she guides participants to unlock their fullest potential, sparking a journey of mindfulness and presence

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